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CLASS REGISTRATIONS must be received in advance. Please pay attention to class registration cut-off dates. Cut-off dates are established by the instructor so we will cancel a class if the minimum enrollment is not met by that date.  To register for a class, click on the register button at the bottom of a class description.  You will be able to choose to print off a form and mail it with a check or a credit card number or you may choose to complete the online form and pay using PayPal.  If you choose to print the form and mail it, you must complete all the information in order for us to process it.

We offer several SERIES of events, both in classes and live music categories and also have a CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM and a CERAMICS PROGRAM.  A general description of each series or program is at the top of each appropriate tab, then individual events are posted by date. Classes for children may be found under the Kids' Events tab.

Please note our PHOTO POLICY: We take photos of events, including classes, for use in promoting our programs at the Barn. If you participate in any event, a photo that includes you may be used on the website, in brochures or in flyers.
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Adult culinary arts program
The adult program features instructors that are outstanding in their topic.  They may be chefs and bakers from noteworthy regional restaurants, the WSU Hospitality Program or individuals with an award-winning track record.  Topics will be seasonal and the basics, such as food safety and knife skills, will be integrated into the curriculum.  There will be an emphasis on using healthy, local ingredients.  The adult culinary arts classes will be held evenings starting at 6 pm and Saturdays.

Private classes
Do you have an idea for a culinary class?  Would you be interested in a private class for your friends and/or family?  Artisans at the Dahmen Barn would love to hear your ideas for topics of interest as well as ideas about private classes.  Contact the barn  manager at  We would love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Children's culinary arts program
The 2016 Children's Summer Program had several culinary arts experiences where the kids had a great time integrating creativity into their cooking projects.  More topics are planned, some where a parent and child work together.  The children's sessions are posted on the Kids' Events tab.

Renting the kitchen
Please email if you are a food entrepreneur in need of renting a kitchen for your product.

Contact us if you are interested in a culinary experience for a private group.  We have many resources available and are happy to work with you to design an event.

See individual class listings below.  Please note that advance registration is required for each of the culinary arts classes.

The instructor sets the minimum and maximum number of students and a cut-off date for registrations so ingredients can be procured.  If we do not receive the minimum number of registrations by the cut-off date, the class will not be held.

Classes in our fully equipped studio are offered to students with all levels of experience.  They cover both hand building and wheel throwing techniques. The class fee includes in-class instruction plus open labs where students may come in and work on their projects. Clay and firing is also included in the fee.

Ceramic artists Kassie Smith and Rosalie Wold, both from Moscow, have helped us get the studio set up and are the instructors.

Class offerings are listed below by date.
Ala Carte Adult Ceramics Classes
Cost: $250.00
Date: Through December 2018

"Ala Carte" Clay Classes  
       10 classes for $250 or 5 classes for $150.  Take classes in any order, consecutive or ala carte.  
Registrations will be accepted at any time during this period.
All class fees must be paid at time of registration. The fee includes instruction, supplies and firing of student work.

Class times
Wednesdays 11-2pm and 2-5pm
Fridays: 11:30-2:30pm and more hours accommodated by request
Sundays: 10-1pm and 1-4pm
Note: Weekday class times may change

Contact for any questions regarding class fees.  A portion of every registration goes to supporting local school children's art classes.  The remainder is used for supplies and instructor fees. 
Introduction to Oil painting
Cost: $35.00
Date: February 4th, 12:30 - 3:30
Register By: Wednsday Jan 31
This workshop is designed for individuals who would like to learn how to paint in oils. It is for those who have never painted in oils before, or for those who would like to learn more skills in painting with oil paints. Attendees may want to bring images of their ideas, you may also choose a pre drawn canvas to paint on. 

Rachael Eastman will lead this class she is currently the art instructor for Jennifer Junior High School in Lewiston, Idaho.
Fabric Collage of Yourself
Cost: $35.00
Date: February 8, 6pm-8pm
Register By: February 2
New Year, New you is overrated, let us celebrate the you you are now. Inspired by Tschabalala Self, a contemporary artist who celebrates the body and its experiences. We will be recreating our own bodies on canvas using fabric and other materials. Bring two copies of a photo that makes you feel beautiful and confident (selfie, full-body, nude photos are all welcome). Recent photo preferred. One copy will be used as a reference photo; the other will be cut up and traced on to the canvas (11X12). Bring fabric and materials from home and/or use ours. "It’s more important than ever for women to talk about their experience, their experience with their bodies, and to have ownership over their bodies”-Tschabalala Self

Instructor is resident artist Rosalie Wold

We will have fabrics to use, but if you have embellishments and fabric and colors you would like to use please bring them.
We will also provide finger foods and beverages to go along with this class.
Interactive Scrapbook
Cost: $35.00
Date: February 18, 12:30-3:30
Register By: February 16

Interactive Scrapbooking — Andrea Chavez

In the world of the scrapbook, one need not stick with the boring 2-D page. This class will show you some tips, tricks, and fun spreads that will make your scrapbook an interactive experience. No prior scrap booking experience is required. Please bring a few pictures you might like to use and if you have it, a paper cutter and scoring board. If not, we can share. Bring a glue stick or other means of adhering a picture to paper. The instructor will supply paper, scor-tape and other supplies, but feel free to bring your own. Pre-registration is not required, but would be helpful.

Andrea Chavez is a life-long crafter. She started with embroidery and has worked her way through many crafts since including beading, scrapbook making, quilting, watercolor, drawing, and mix media assemblage. She loves making interactive scrapbooks, even if she hardly ever gets around to actually putting pictures in them! dabbles in many crafts from kitchen crafts, paper, beading, needlecrafts and has recently begun watercolor and drawing.

There is a $5 materials fee to be paid to the instructor the day of the class.

Registrations: Please register in advance for $35 using the button at the bottom of this calendar listing or call 509-229-3414.

Encaustics workshop with resident artist Kat Clancy
Cost: $66.00
Date: Sunday, Feb 25, 10:00 to 3:00
Register By: Feb 10

Learn the techniques for painting with wax, an ancient medium dating back to the Egyptians. A medium of beeswax, damar and pigment is melted and then applied in liquid form to a wood surface. Metal tools and brushes can be used to manipulate the wax surface. Other materials can be collaged into the surface. You do not need to be an "artist” to work in this medium, it has limitless possibilities.   

Katherine is a resident artist at the Artisan Barn. She has been a watercolorist for 20+years. She also enjoys exploring other media. She has recently been intrigued with encaustics and has added this medium to her repertoire.

All supplies for creating 2 encaustic works will be supplied by the instructor.  

Materials to be supplied by students: heat gun (if you already have one), collage materials (need to be thin enough to be encased in a layer of wax  - such as fall leaves, pictures from magazines, sheet music and decorative napkins — these are just some of the types of things people have used.)

For students aged 15 and up.  Minimum 2/ maximum 6 students. 
Yoga / Qi Gong / Mindful Meditation Day-Long Immersion
Cost: $40.00
Date: March 21, 10am-3pm
Register By: March 17
Spend a day stretching and strengthening your muscles and bones, improving the quality of your heart and other organs, and getting to know your quieted mind. A delicious and nutritious lunch is included.

We will stretch the body with a yoga practice including certain poses which have been shown to increase bone density and reverse osteoporosis when regularly practiced. We will spend time doing two qi gong practices. Qi gong is graceful and healing, gentle and continuous movement in sync with the breath. And we will explore the mind through mindful meditation when the body is quieted and calm

Elene Johnston is a yoga and qi gong instructor. She came to qi gong through dance and yoga. She has had incredible teachers, Mimi Kuo-Demmer in London and Matthew Cohen in Los Angeles, and is excited to share the fun and energetic practice of qi gong with the Dahmen Barn community. Her early experience with qi gong was while living in China where it is practiced with rigor and seriousness. Through Mimi and Matthew she has learned to find the lightness and joy of the practice.

Please bring a yoga mat and pair of socks

Age group of students 18 - 88
Maximum # 35 Minimum #4

 No prior experience is necessary. All of the poses and qi gong practices can be modified to fit any fitness level
Traditional and Experimental Watercolor Painting
Cost: $135.00
Date: March 24-25, 10am-4pm
Register By: March 18
Please register early, the artist travels to this area and needs to make reservations. Late registrations will only be accepted if there is room.

This two-day workshop on watercolor painting is divided into two parts. On Saturday morning, we will go over basic watercolor techniques and compose and paint a series of small watercolors on watercolor paper. In the afternoon, we will develop one of these studies more fully and also experiment with a new watercolor surface. On Sunday, we will review what we covered and develop a painting on the new surface introduced yesterday. The class will conclude with experimental painting on watercolor canvas.

Wes Hanson is a member of the American Watercolor Society. He has painted using watercolors and other mediums for 40 years and has taught at the Artisan Barn numerous times. He also teaches drawing and painting classes for Spokane Art Supply and North Idaho College. He has taught workshops for the Coeur dʼAlene Art Association and Palouse Watercolor Socius and put on many one-person shows. Wes emphasizes learning drawing and painting fundamentals. Having mastered basic skills, an artist can paint traditionally or experimentally. Materials to be supplied by students: Photographs of local landscapes and other subjects you respond to. Try to select pictures whose center of interest is large enough to see and contains contrast, such as unusual shapes, dramatic value differences, complementary colors, or hard and soft edges.

Sketchbook: Bring a sketchbook that can handle light washes. I use a spiral bound Aquabee 808 Super Deluxe 9 by 12 inch sketchbook or a Pentalic Nature Sketch 8.5 by 11 inch sketchbook. You want to have a sketchbook that has enough space to do exploratory drawing and painting.

Drawing Materials: A Number 2 school pencil, a soft, white eraser, and 4B or an 8B water soluble sketch wash pencil (Derwent, General, and others make these).
Support:A piece of smooth sided plywood measuring 17 by 24 inches and a support to prop the board up about two inches on one side.
Watercolor Paper: One sheet of Arches all cotton 140 lb. cold press paper measuring 22 by 30 inches. Watercolor Canvas: One 9 by 12 inch or 11 by 14 inch Fredrix Archival Watercolor Canvas Board.
Brushes:A synthetic one-inch flat watercolor brush and one round synthetic watercolor brush (No. 8 or 10 or 12).
Watercolor Paints: Professional grade, tube watercolor paints including the following colors: Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Rose, and Hansa Yellow or their equivalents. Some of you have many tubes of color already and as you know colors are expensive to purchase and perplexing to understand. To simplify how color can be effectively used, I will be painting with a very simple palette consisting of Ultramarine Blue (French Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue would also do.), Quinacridone Rose (Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, or Quinacridone Crimson would also work.), Hansa Yellow (Aureolin Yellow, Azo Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Pale, or Cadmium Yellow Light could also be used.).These primary colors are bright and can be mixed to create a wide range of new colors.
Palette:A white plastic palette with a large mixing area, which you might already own. Or, a large white plastic or porcelain dinner plate might also be used.
Water Container: A half-gallon or one-gallon plastic pail. A single edged razor blade or a jackknife.
A roll of durable paper towels (I use Viva.).
A one-inch wide roll of masking tape.
Alpaca Felted Hat Workshop
Cost: $190.00
Date: May 12 -13, 10am-1pm
Register By: May 1
Learn the age old technique of had making. You will hand craft your very own hat over a hat mold and embellish it with silk flowers and or  a hat band made of alpaca fiber. Students will select the type of hat from the molds furnished by the instructor. A materials list and complete instructions will be provided for students to take home along with their finished hat.

Linda Mackey a certified Washington teacher and reflexology therapist, owns a small herd of alpaca  fiber boys. For relaxation and her artist fulfillment, Linda crochets, knits, weaves and felts alpaca. She is now teaching her techniques that she has

No experience is necessary, all materials are supplied for the class 

BARN & SHOP HOURS:  WINTER HOURS Thursday through Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.
CLOSED: New Year's Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.