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Date: April 2 through 30

"Masks Revealing the Artist” opens April 2nd with a reception from 2 to 4pm with the artists present. The masks are made of a variety of mediums: metal, leather, papier mache', ceramic and found objects. Additional 2D art on the mask theme will be exhibited and most will be for sale. The Palouse Women Artists group provides women in the arts with a strong, enduring support system as they pursue the arts personally and professionally.

The idea of the masks came about when a fellow PWA artist Shannon Goose taught a mask-making class to the Palouse Women Artist group. Some of the exhibiting artists are:
Sue Benier
Jane Estocin-Klaiber
Jeanne Wood
Katherine Clancy
Shannon Goose
Martha McIver
Mary Jo Hamilton
Danica Wixom
Joan McDougall
Melanie Siebe
Valerie Boydo
Gerri Sayler
Susan Baily Weaver
Carolyn Guy
Jennifer Rod

Besides the masks on display, Shannon Goose’s photography of her masks depicting her journey to healing and the photos created by Shannon and her friend Linda Stone are included in the exhibit. Linda and Shannon took Shannon’s masks and props to Fort Worden State Park and shot scores of photos. The photos have been on display in several galleries on the west coast. Shannon has also written a book of poems, Soul Whispers, which will be available for purchase in the Barn’s gift shop. Shannon is an explorer of spiritual psychology. Jungian theory and art have been the spearhead of her work for nearly 30 years. The poems within the book are a reflection of that process. Born in a small-town in Northern California, she now calls the Pacific Northwest her home.
Date: May 7-28

"Mythologia” featuring paintings by Beth Rimmelspacher and Linda Hyatt Cancel

Opening reception May 7th from 1-3pm.  

Beth Rimmelspacher has been a full time artist since 1984.  Beth works in oils in a realistic style, capturing our local landscape down to the finest details. She makes the observer stop and reflect about the marks on our landscape from thousands of years of history, whether it be glacial floods or the Native Americans who carved their stories in rocks along the Snake River.

Linda Hyatt Cancel returned to Washington after nearly thirty years on the East coast. Whether Linda is rendering the glacial valleys of northeast Washington, the barren hills of Central Idaho, the pastures and forests of the South Carolina upstate or the marshes of the Carolina low country, Linda’s tonalism finds its voice in the effects of atmosphere on the horizon.

Beth Rimmelspacher Artist Statement

My art reflects the love and energy I receive from living and creating in my place of birth. I love the simplistic beauty and the deep-rooted history. I am inspired by the variety of basalt canyons carved by flood waters, the rolling and ravine farmland, the forested mountains and the sage brushed dry land. Each of these areas provided for ancient inhabitants, migrants, homestead immigrants and continues to provide for those of us that are still here. The diverse colors and moody seasons enrich me. Every day I see subject matter to paint. Life has become a constant work of art for me. My style is realistic, my intent is capturing realism through color and shapes.

Linda Hyatt Cancel Artist Statement

I was born in Moscow, Idaho, and my earliest memory in life, at the age of fifteen months, was watching fireworks from Prospect Park in Lewiston. My grandparents lived a half block from Lewis and Clark State College. The Tudor revival architecture of the buildings on campus, and the grandeur of the Nez Perce County Courthouse where my grandfather was a District Court Judge, have been a source of magical inspiration. When my cousins and I were children, our grandmother, a University of Idaho graduate with a degree in education and an honorary degree in Latin, would take us to the thrift store and allow us to purchase ball gowns for a few dollars. We would don our beautiful dresses and descend the stairway at the courts of tennis at the college. In our finery, we would whirl, twirl, and dance to our hearts' content. Returning to the area after nearly thirty years of residing on the east coast has been a full-circle, or at least oval-shaped, life experience for me.Besides the theme of returning to my 'nest', the titles in the collection are a distillation of a modern mythology including 1960s music and pop culture.

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