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Date: August 6 - August 27

Bozeman Montanaa artist Jade Lowder  and a 2015 Master of Fine Arts, Painting, Washington State University, graduate exhibits current work at Artisans at the Dahmen Barn.

Jade Lowder was born in 1989 on a reservation in Montana in the US. He received his BFA in painting from Montana State University in 2012 and his MFA in painting from Washington State University in 2015. While attending both programs, Lowder connected with many of his fellow classmates creating collaborative efforts that have gone on to host gallery shows, experimental shows(such as a Drive-Thru Art Gallery and 24 hour exhibition), living room shows and figure drawing groups. Recently he collaborated in an exhibition at Wayne State College in Nebraska with two other artists to create a multi-disciplinary experience involving videos, paintings and sculptures entitled 50,000 years of nonlinear editing. His latest solo exhibition, Make Sense, was an exploration of space, pop-culture and identity. Currently, Jade resides in Bozeman, MT where he teaches at Montana State University and continues to make work and seek out new and exciting exhibition opportunities.

My work is about contemporary identity understood through place. I believe that through painting and the examination of images and places that I find important, or inversely unimportant and banal, I can construct a picture of what identity is.
Painting exists in tactility. We feel the brushstrokes and the movement of the paint in our bodies, the painter’s presence is felt from interpreting the act of creation of the painting. The ability to perceive touch through visual cues in an image creates a direct connection between the viewer, the painting, and the painter. Through this connection or conversation that is opened by the act of painting, the questions I seek to answer or find is to develop a system of methods to contribute to the creation of identity.  

Looking at images of spaces, places and people that we find important in our day to day lives, and by utilizing this process of communication through painting, I seek to engage on multiple levels, of surface quality and investment in the spaces that I am interested in. Space can reveal much about our personalities and our perceptions of the world around us. We identify ourselves by where we are from—where we live and where we choose to spend our time. Our perception is directly tied in to our understanding of the self.

In contemporary life this connection has become even more strenuous with the addition of social media and the internet. Our perception of these places that once formed a direct connection to our psyche, are now disconnected or at the very least in question. This question and disconnection doesn’t necessarily mean that we are losing our abilities to connect with space, but it does mean that it is changing. How we connect with space is a question that we must now focus on and give awareness to in order to understand ourselves at all. My project, my work, my goal is to examine these disconnects in painting, and by working with them in a process that is so directly connected to a conversation between maker, image and viewer I seek to reaffirm the connections between identity and place.

Date: August 6 - August 27
Opening reception Sunday, August 6th from 1pm-3pm.

Moscow, Idaho artist J.Casey Doyle exhibits The "Hir series" brushes created by ceramic press molds. Doyle will also demonstrate press mold making at the Mudslinging Extravaganza on August 12th a fundraiser for the New Kiln Shed at the Dahmen Barn. See more about the event on the events page.
The "Hir” Brush series explores the gender-neutral third person singular pronoun, hir—questioning a society’s desires, need, comfort with assigning gender to people and objects.

J. Casey Doyle is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at the University of Idaho. He received his MFA with an emphasis in Sculpture from The Ohio State University in 2007 where he was a University Fellow. He holds a BFA with emphases in Sculpture and Metals & Jewelry and a BA with emphasis in Spanish from New Mexico State University. In 2014, he received an Idaho Commission on the Arts Fellowship. He exhibits his work both nationally and internationally. His art combines interests in craft, sculpture, metals & jewelry, video, gender and the concept of play. 


The Salmon River Art Guild was founded in 1964 by three artist friends from Riggins, Idaho just 30 miles up river from its current home of White Bird. The vision of Opal Carlson, Grace Aitken and Dorothy Quinnlen has survived over half a century. Today the Salmon River Art Guild has over 50 members with varied talents. Members come from all over West Central Idaho.
Many have been recognized nationally for their work.​

Today the Salmon River Art Guild showcases a variety of talent and interests. Award winning members come from all over Idaho. Members work in a variety of mediums including2-d and 3-d art.​The Salmon River Art Guild was founded to provide an opportunity for members to meet and socialize with others who share an interest in the visual arts; to encourage individuals of the community to express their artistic abilities and to increase the level of awareness and appreciation of art.

Exhibiting Artists:
Joyce Close
Leah Harvey
Kathryn Van Acher
Mary Bakker
Marlene O' Neill
Nancy Gresham
Gloria Teats
Debbie Barnett
Gabriella Ball
Sharon Herther


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