Christine Alexandre-Zeoli
Christine Alexandre-Zeoli
February 22, 2016  Christie is temporarily working on her art at home, anxiously awaiting the new studio space in the addition to be finished late spring.  In the interim, her fused glass jewelry is displayed on The Shop at the Barn and may be purchased there.

I am most and always fascinated by nature. For me there is no greater inspiration and teacher than the unlimited bounty, beauty and awe that nature fills me with everyday.  I seek to convey the textures, colors, light and tactile responses I feel when I am out in nature into my work.  It may come in the turn of a leaf, the bark of my favorite tree or the utter joy I feel during one of our technicolor sunsets here on the Palouse.  Much of my work is impressionistic, abstract and passionately colorful.  My paintings are a direct reflection of my personal passion, my love of life and the everyday blessings with which I am surrounded.  Technically, my work is acrylic paint on canvas, but I approach each blank canvas as a fresh exploration and employ a variety of media and techniques to achieve various expressive effects.           

I am keenly cognizant of the current state of our natural world and the consequences of human change to our environment.  My work attempts to capture the essence of the different voices of nature, to honor them and to arouse in the viewer the poignancy of the loss that we are facing as our planet and our life support system is drastically altered. Ever present in my thoughts is the scale and power of the changes we are making to the earth.  I hope to convey to you through my eyes and heart the beauty and value and of what we stand to lose should our actions continue to go un-checked.         

From the beginning, it has always been the artist's task to see just a little differently, to live and challenge cultural and social norms and to think outside of the box; this is ever true for me.  I am deeply moved and inspired by the artistic traditions and great artists that have preceded me.         

My hope is that when you see my work you are moved by the color, the texture and the way the light falls across the elements of a painting.  Let these colors awaken in you your own individual emotions and ideas about the beauty of the life within and around us.  That is my hope and desire, that you be moved, whether positively or negatively, by my art, and that you take away with you a moment of being lost in the feelings of grandeur and the sublime that only come from connecting with Nature.    


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