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Membership campaign years go from
November 1 through October 31.

* Indicates a renewed membership from
a previous campaign year.
We thank the following for their tax deductible donations:

up to $249
Patrick and Randi Adams
Ashley Alred
Jill Anton
Nancy Attebury
Avista Foundation 
Tom and Caroline Bitterwolf
Elizabeth Blakesley*
Ed & Anna Brannan
Ed and Debbie Brown
Dr. Greg and Susan Buratto*
Dorothy Burlison
John Burlison
Ken and Tanya Carper*
Patricia Cassidy
Susan Collett
Christina Dahmen in honor of June Dahmen*
Tom Dahmen in honor of Steve Dahmen*
Alice and Rex Davis
Gene and Sharon Dixon
Joe and Charlene Douglas
Gerald and Carol Druffel
Lee and Joanne Druffel
Lynn Druffel and Pat Elder
Mary Druffel
Judy Dunn
John Elwood and Sally Burkhart*
Omer and Carolyn Entel* in memory of Jack & Agnes Dahmen
Marti Fulfs
Dick and Maxine Goedde*
Pauline Goodwin in memory of Jean Carol Davis
Wes Hanson*
Mark and Michelle Heitstuman*
Nancy Jasper
Wayne and Jacie Jensen*
Just Trade
Bob and Kathy Kernan - Sky River Glass*
Rachael Kippen
Lacy Treasure
LCSC Center for Arts and History
Jeanne Leffingwell
Tammy Lewis
Kathy Link
Ann Marra and Timothy Ely
Ginger Metcalf*
John and Barb Meyer
Betsy McGreer*
Andy McGregor
John and Martha McIver*
Connie McLeod*
Judy Mousseau*
Kelly Myott-Baker and Paul Baker*
David Nordquist*
David Nordquist in memory of Freda Semingson
Tim Odom
Alison Oman*
Palouse Hills Weavers Guild
Roger and Annette Pettenger
Gus and Lynda Pomeroy
Bev and Steve Poole*
Louise Regelin*
Becky & Dennis Reindeau*
Tedi Roach - Blue Heron Art*
Jack and Belle Rogers*
Jake Schlee*
Mary Schmidt
Kelly Schultheis* in memory of Jody Dunn
Marie Shinneman*
Jo Evelyn Smart
Nate and Whitney Smith*
Joe and Sandra Spoonmore
Wayne and Leslie Sprouse*
Gloria Dawson Teats*
Francis Thomas
Becky and Gary Thorgaard*
Kathryn and Paul Van Acker
Linda and Jay Van Nest*
Diane Walker*
Kathleen and Jon Warren
Judy Wayne*
Vikki Wayne*
Lucille Weber*
Jim and Bertie Weddell*
Jennifer Whitted*

PARTNERS $250 to $499
Lillian Bauer* in memory of John and Agnes Dahmen
Katherine Clancy*
Lee and Joanne Druffel*
Linda and Marvin Entel
Julie Hartwig*
Alan and Peggy Heitstuman*
Mary Heusinkveld
Hog Heaven Big Band
Peter and Jennifer Holland
Lee and Marilyn Jackson
Kathy Kendall* in memory of Steve Dahmen
Juanita Kinzer
Mike and Mary Lou Koelsch* in memory of June Dahmen
McGregor Company
O'Toole Family: Janice, Ellen, Francis, Robert and Jonathan
Palouse Watercolor Socius*
Cheri Prasil
Roach Construction*
Barney and Marcia Saneholtz*
Leslie and Wayne Sprouse*
Paul and Deanna Stewart*
Bill Voxman and Joanne Reece*

PATRONS $500 to $999
Robert Batchelder* in memory of Marjorie B
Busch Distributors*
Mike and Mary Lou Koelsch* in memory of June Dahmen
Susan Mattoon in memory of James Carney
Dale and Leslee Miller*
Helen Perry
Greg Radzykewycz*
Randy and Cindy Schlee* in memory of their daughter Trina Marie
Karen Schultheis

BENEFACTOR $1000 to $2499
Edwin P. Garretson Jr. and Steven Watson*
Winston Mader
Mary McGregor and John Bolles

Sustain the Barn

BARN & SHOP HOURS:  WINTER HOURS Thursday through Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.
CLOSED: New Year's Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.